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Beastie Queen

Beastie Queen

Intimate Stranger Band Members:

Tessie S-Woodgate - vocals, bass
Lautaro Vera - guitar, backing vocals
Maurico Muñoz - drums
Ismael Palma - synths and keyboards

LOCATION: Austin, Texas, USA/
Santiago de Chile, Chile
GENRE: Indie/Pop/Rock
South America Distribution:
US DISTRIBUTION: Fringecore (Michael Gira, Angels of Light, Swans, The Body Lovers) Thurston Moore & Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth); Mike Watt (Minutemen, DOS, Porno for Pyros), David Coulter (Pogues, Test Dept.) Larry Mullins (Iggy Pop, The Residents)
European Distribution: Lowlands
Online Distribution: Still Alive Records
Chile Management: Galpon Records
US Management: Fringecore, 1000 San Marcos Street Apt 230 Austin, Texas 78702, USA, Tel: + 1 512 4684505

After four years of touring Latin America, the UK, Europe and the USA, Intimate Stranger - an international band formed in 2006 by Chilean guitarist Lautaro Vera (Cucsifae, Don Fango, Disturbio Menor), English/Croatian singer/bassist Tessie S-Woodgate and drummer Mauricio Muñoz have finally had the breakthrough they deserve with the release of their second album Under in June 2010. The title song is getting extensive radio play across the globe, (major US student stations and top South American stations such as Horizonte and Rock and Pop.) The video for "Under" is now on MTV and the press reviews for the album and in particular the second single from the album, "Nighttime" are sensational. Since its formation in 2006, the band has lived in London, Santiago and more recently in Austin, TX playing at venues as diverse as The Rock Garden, and The Dublin Castle in London, The Roxy in Buenos Aires, Club Blondie, Santiago, to the Parish in Austin and the Warehouse in Houston and Tipitinas in New Orleans. Intimate Stranger has performed with: Cheap Trick, Surfer Blood, High on Fire, Anita Tijoux, Carl Stone, The Raincoats, Hello Cuca, Sky Larkin, Crystal Castles and more.

Adding keyboardist Ismael Palma in 2008, the new set up with synths and keyboards has further evolved the band's sound, as is reflected in the their new material, which Derek Lactaoen, in Revolver magazine describes as somewhere between the female rock vocals of the Kills and the inviting voice of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, although he adds: Intimate Stranger tends to break barriers when it comes to labeling them with a genre." Karl Nielsen (Head of Marketing at Canal U TV (VITV/Fizz) in London describes the style as “unique and captivating”.

March 2010 they pre-released their second album Under, to coincide with their SXSW 2010 full-house Showcase at Maggie Mae’s and a tour of the southern states of the USA (Santa Fe to New Orleans and all the major and college cities on route, supported by strong TV, radio and press including live performances and interviews on Fox, KEYE TV and ME TV).

With a growing fan base in the USA and headliner status in Chile at the top venues in Santiago, the band found themselves garnering major coverage on Spin Earth, Spinner, Extravaganza, Revolver, Disorder, Austin 360, EMOL, Music Popular and a half page interview in Chile’s leading national newspaper “El Mercurio”, which stated “…A singer who is always able to find the perfect intonation and melody and a guitarist who is equally able to compliment and pick out those strong melodies…”. All this followed on from the band being selected for a major interview in the January 2009 edition of Rolling Stone Chile for the “Leading Ladies of Rock 2009' special, with a half-page photo of singer Tessie, on the inside front cover.

Under is nationally distributed in the USA and Chile and available on all the major music download websites from CDBaby to Amazon. Intimate Stranger is currently touring with dates in San Francisco at the Elbo Room in 2010 and in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory in January 2011, and all points in between.

Intimate Stranger will return to the USA in Fall 2010 to play Austin, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago, as well as, a Mexico and South American 2011 tour to Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

"Under is an instantly likable collection of danceable modern pop/rock tunes with a difference. This band's overall sound is something like Bjork mixed with The Pretenders with a light touch of Martha and the Muffins added for good measure (?!). The melodies are contagious...and vocalist Tessie Spoljaric-Woodgate has an incredible voice that just oozes with genuine sincerity. The more we spin this album the better these songs sound. Cool credible modern pop tracks include 'Moments,' 'Nighttime,' 'Held,' 'Shiny Tears,' and 'Gone and Buried.' Top pick."


"Intimate Stranger manages to capture all your attention in the first few seconds of their second album, Under. Tessie's (bass and vocals) natural and exciting intonations take us on a trip through delicateand energetic sounds of indie-rock - which could evoke a some-what 90's feel - but Lautaro's garage-like fresh riffs bring us back to the present-day. The album evolves through 10 stories of strange loves. The band certainly has a clear goal: to sound unique, both live and in the studio. They demonstrated this with their recent promotional tour in the US, which included SXSW music festival. This new album has some real gems: the enthusiastic 'Note to Self', the unbeatable, ‘Beastie Queen’, and the eclectic, ‘All Things Pretty’. Intensely elegant overall."

~ Cristián Carrasco

"With front lady Woodgate singing and on bass, Lautaro Vera on guitar, Mauricio Muñoz rocking the drums and Ismael Palma pouring over the keyboard, Intimate Stranger is a complete and talented team ready to intoxicate any listener."

~ Derek Lactaoen, Revolver Magazine

“The title Under reflects an ongoing journey – through the paradoxes - towards self-realization and understanding, from ruin to euphoria and all the chaos that lies between. The single Under, released in the USA in December 2009 has already become a favorite of the student airways. It tells of states of subjection and feelings of being subordinate to something outside oneself. A sense of not being in control of our existence and our experiences (i.e. ‘under the influence’) whether manifest through pleasure, or painful emotions and self-destructive tendencies. (Note to Self, Moments) Another element is going back and forth through states of unconsciousness and emptiness and a sense of being unable to reach an unattainable place and understanding of our identity (Held, Nighttime, Little Steps, Under) Through confusion and a feeling of dual existence, to short bouts of empowerment and desires for beauty and perfection (All things Pretty, Beastie Queen, Shiny Tears, Gone and Buried).”

~ Tessie Spoljaric-Woodgate, Intimate Stranger