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Sarah Castro of Belcurve photo by: Leticia Smith Click  here  to download hi-res copy

Sarah Castro of Belcurve
photo by: Leticia Smith
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"Punchy guitars, steadfast bass lines, and intricate drum patterns merge to create peppy indie rock redolent of PJ Harvey and Jenny Lewis. Much like Harvey and Lewis, Castro's voice is delicate and pointed at once, occupying that sweet space between antidote and venom that can be so difficult to perfect. But, of course, Castro nails it. Belcurve offers some of the best indie rock in Austin."

“Sweet melodic rock led by the ever-beguiling vocals of Sarah Castro.”
-Laurie Gallardo, KUTX 98.9 FM

“Even with the blistering instrumentation and crushable melody, what stands out most is Castro’s ability to express raw vulnerability in her near muttered delivery of “I’ve never been so scared of this thing called love.” Belcurve has been good for a while, but in that moment they make it clear they’re now firmly in the territory of great.”
-Nick Hanover,Ovrld

“Belcurve is your dark, eerie, sweet, sarcastic, bright, witchy, tender, cruel lover. Belcurve is a slightly bent framework of talented human beings creating songs that will you make you feel pleasant, strange and feisty.”

Belcurve is a four to eight piece band from Austin originating from different parts of the US, bringing individual hometown influences to create their sound, which they call Psych-Americana. They fit in well and thrive in Austin because of their eclectic backgrounds, genre-range and lyrical themes.The band consists of Sarah Castro the mastermind behind it all (lead vocals, guitar), Matt Parmenter (bass, keyboards, producer), Jeff Black (guitar, bass, keys), Andrew Solin (guitar), Charlie Anderson (bass, violin) and Matt Booth (drums). Listeners can hear the influence of contemporary song-focused rock bands in their recordings and on stage. They like to get creative with synths and spacey/acid guitar sounds and vocal harmonies that stretch them into Pink Floyd territory.

The album title for, These People in my Head, grew from a song title Sarah had in her lyric bank for years. “I felt that it was a nice peace offering I have with myself. If I just call it all out, and lay out my demons a little bit, the people in my head have less effect on me. All metaphoric of course.”  The album was recorded at keyboardist, Matt Parmenter’s studio, Ice Cream Factory Studio, a professional studio he runs in a space which has been home to And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Paul Barker of Ministry, and many more. Having access to their own studio gave Belcurve the latitude to experiment and make their “songs grow in any direction we please.” They are able to dig in to find a new way to approach whatever’s not working and they have the freedom to stretch in a variety of directions, which helps create a truly unique sound.

Band leader and vocalist Sarah Castro has always had an aptitude for music. She started showing an interest in piano the moment she was able to get her hands on one and continued to be mesmerized by the instrument. She pursued her next instrument, the flute in 4th grade, followed by choir in 6th grade. After learning how to sing she continued to write songs on the piano. She also received her first guitar at age 12, but did not start actively and seriously playing it until she was already out of high school. Keyboardist, bassist and producer Matt Parmenter started playing piano at a young age, thanks to the support of his father who also plays bass and keys. Sarah doubles as the lyricist. She writes songs which are all over the map, from the character of a person to breakups, and even the supernatural, including witches and ghosts, while using a multitude of metaphors to put form to her thoughts while writing. Belcurve hope listeners have a feeling of connection with the meaning of their songs,  even if they don’t have the same interpretation as the band. Sarah hopes that her audience can really feel something from her lyrics. Belcurve wants their songs to make their audiences take a closer look at themselves, and hopefully open their eyes to the diversity of life around them.

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The Austin music scene is inspiring and challenging with a strong sense of community, and almost as strong of a sense of competitiveness, which has challenged Belcurve to be better writers and performers. To Sarah, Austin has taught her how to be a real musician and how to be in a band and lead a band. “I feel like this town has formed me from just being a singer songwriter to being a band.” Sarah is inspired by the poet Douglas Malloch, who wrote, “... good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger wind, the stronger trees, the further sky, the greater length, the more the storm, the more the strength, by sun and cold, by rain and snow, in trees and men good timbers grow.”

Belcurve will be releasing a new video, “Strangers,” in the next couple of weeks and will embark on a tour beginning August 24th, where they will travel to Dallas, Nashville, Louisville, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Athens and Baton Rogue.



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