F.C. Westcott

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Photo by Chad Mahlum
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Photo by Chad Mahlum Click  here  to download hi-res copy   

Photo by Chad Mahlum
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"F.C writes from his heart and soul, crafting the structure and sentiment in a fresh
creative way to touch every listener. Bold. Powerful. Solid writing and performance."
- Ken Dravis: Co-Producer

"Sincere Delivery"
"Colorado Country Rock at it's finest"
- Rock Cesario - The Daily Sentinel

Frank C. Westcott, musically known as F.C. Westcott is a Colorado native, who describes his music as heartfelt Americana Country. He spends his time traveling between Colorado and Austin, TX. He is the youngest of four brothers and grew up in rural Western Colorado in the 70's and 80's. His early musical influences were drawn from the old time country and traditional music that his dad and aunts would play at family get-togethers, and also the 70's Rock records that his brothers would bring home and play through the family's wooden console stereo. He began playing guitar at the age of 15 following the death of his oldest brother Bill in 1984. His hunger to pursue a musical career was sparked by Steve Earle, Westcott says he "is who made me want to write songs...his album Guitar Town helped me find my calling as a songwriter." He finds some of his musical influences to be among The Beatles, Early Bee Gees, Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, 70 & 80's Rock. He is releasing his debut album Unfeigned under his own label Tenacious Heart Music Inc.

In 2014, Westcott decided it was time to kick off his next musical adventure as a solo artist after disbanding two previous musical projects. He was finally at a point in his life where he could focus all his time and energy into his passion. As he says "I finally had the time to pursue music on my own terms...self-funding and co-producing an LP on my own label, while simultaneously delving into the Austin songwriting scene..." With Unfeigned being released, F.C. Westcott is looking forward to listeners appreciating the diversity throughout the album. About his writing, he states "I wear my heart on my sleeve…" and it has taught him that "vulnerability is not weakness."

He worked on the album at Aspen Leaf Studio in Grand Junction, CO. Not only is it his hometown, "...it is the best equipped studio between Salt Lake City and Denver." He co-produced it with the owner Ken Dravis who worked as the Engineer/Producer, "...he really has a knack for full, warm recordings." Unfeigned was a two year project with all songs written by F.C. He penned all 11 tracks, and insisted on playing guitar throughout the album. In addition they compiled a great group of session players to complete the project: F.C. Westcott (guitars), Brian McRae (drums), Darren Theriault (bass), Mike Johnson (lap steel), Chris Nole (organ and piano), Ken Dravis (additional percussion), Vic Lawson (pedal steel), Kristen Yeon-Ji Yun (cello), Troy Engle (dobro and mandolin) and Ken Emerson (ukulele).

F.C. will perform two upcoming CD release shows, one in Grand Junction, CO and the other in Austin, TX. He will also be touring in regard to his new release.

Unfeigned is a testimony of life lived and roads traveled.

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Cover by Chad Mahlum
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