J Burn

Photo by Theresa Nicole Click  here  to download hi-res copy

Photo by Theresa Nicole
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"There's a feel-good vibe about his style as soon as the first chords ring out. '

- Evan Morgan Jodloman
The News Hub

"Each of the songs represents a subtly different shade of folk music, coming together for one fascinating and heartfelt collection…”

- Cody Conard,
The Big Take-Over

Photo by Theresa Nicole Click  here  to download hi res copy

Photo by Theresa Nicole
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J Burn, the shortened moniker for Jay Burn is a singer, songwriter residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. He grew up in the gruff and tumble of New Jersey where his roots sprouted out east, later in Colorado and before landing in California.  J Burn was established back in 1996 writing songs and playing music in a high altitude town up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Jay’s songwriting styles parallel his adolescent influences spanning multiple genres such as, Rock, Americana, Country, Folk, Punk and Psychedelia. Jay released Sunk Right Back nationally, in August 2018. Sunk Right Back is a line from the chorus of his song, “Nothing,” which is on the new CD. “Listening deeper into the song and its message brings a sense of personal purpose to rise up and above and to not give in, or accept defeat.”

Cover by Caitlin Mattison Click  here  to download hi-res copy

Cover by Caitlin Mattison
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His Grandfather was his first major influence in music. He was a first chair violinist for the symphony orchestra in Ohio. He taught Jay to play violin and by pre-school he was performing in an orchestra. In the roaring 20’s Jay’s Grandfather led his jazz band, Nate Dasch and the Dots, which had its own radio show.  Jay’s roots spread into New York City during the 80’s, because of quick accessibility to Port Authority in NYC. This allowed him the privilege to frequent a variety of live shows most being the Grateful Dead. As he got older his father introduced him to the guitar where the two of them took lessons together. While at guitar lessons, he ogled the Gibsons and Fenders on display, dreamed of buying one. He managed to convince his parents to purchase his first album, which was AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. After long hours of long play, they probably don’t regret the decision.

"Sunk Right Back, was produced by Rick Vargas (Bob Weir’s personal engineer from TRI Studios), Dave Shul (Formerly of Michael Franti & Spearhead) and Jay Burn. The CD was mixed at 25th Street Recording and tracked at Coyote Hearing Studio in Oakland, CA. The artwork on Sunk Right Back was created by Caitlin Mattisson. “These guys are all the best, and amazing masters of their craft. It’s truly joyful working with them all and bringing life to my song creations, and watching them bloom.” The incredible cast of characters featured on this album are: Jay Burn – Vocals & Guitar, Dave Shul - Guitar (Michael Franti & Spearhead), Jay Lane - Drums (Further, Bob Weir, Primus), Robin Sylvester – Bass (Bob Weir, Ry Cooder, Steve Douglas), Scott Guberman – Keyboard & Piano (Phil Lesh, Tom Constanten, Vince Welnick) and Jason Crosby – Fiddle & Keyboard (Phil Lesh, John McLaughlin, Susan Tedeschi),  “One common element I strive for when writing songs is a story, and a character that can be related to. I always hope the lyrics and music produce pictures, movies in the mind of the listeners, as well as myself.” For Jay, writing is always a timeline of personal growth. Watching his work continually move forward and upward is inspiring in itself.

He has recorded multiple releases at TRI Studios, in San Rafael, California and in addition to, Sunk Right Back, Jay has also released, Randomly Banded (2016), Deprecate (2016), Burnt Blue (2015) and Major Melodies Backward Beginnings (2014). New music is already in the works.

Jay is inspired by many writers and musicians including: Tom Waits, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Sparklehorse, John Perry Barlow, Robert Hunter, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Pete Seeger and Frank Zappa. Other forms of inspirational outlets for Jay include, photography, quality time with his family and friends, as well as writing children’s books.

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