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Photo by Jimmy George Click  here  to download hi-res copy

Photo by Jimmy George
Click here to download hi-res copy

Kent Scheffler, singer-songwriter and musician resides in New Braunfels, Texas. Kent was born in Houston, Texas, growing up “in the fifties era of big finned sedans, telephone party lines, black and white TV, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Beatlemania, Civil Rights legislation and the Vietnam War.”  

Kent began playing guitar after co-opting his sister’s Sears Silvertone during the early sixties folk movement.  “For me, in 1970 and the next few years, the whole rich world of rock exploded.” Those roots generate his music:  From ripping guitar and headbanging drums to the soothing blues and country influences in his vocals, his songs are about love, life and death.  
Kent Scheffler’s new CD release, Think With Courage is an extremely relevant anti-war album addressing the tragedies of war and the urgent need to avoid being duped into further unnecessary wars.  Kent writes:

This album speaks in opposition to war, against the initiation of non-defensive war.  It does not speak against self-defense, or defense of one’s nation.  In support of those young and old who serve in defense of their nation, this album speaks out against unnecessary war.  Only wars that are truly defensive in nature can be morally justified.  Anything else is immoral. 

Scheffler chose Smedley Butler to grace the cover of Think with Courage. Butler was the epitome of courage, being awarded two Congressional Medals of Honor.  In 1935, Butler wrote the powerful anti-war book War is a Racket, exposing from personal experience how the foreign policy of the United States uses the US military as a tool to serve the corporate and banking interests of an oligarchy.  Underlying this album is the concern that this problem has accelerated and today threatens the well-being of our youth, our citizens, and those of other countries.   

Cover artwork by Ben Scheffler Click  here  to download hi-res copy

Cover artwork by Ben Scheffler
Click here to download hi-res copy

Think With Courage was produced and engineered by Jimmy George at The Roost studios in Austin, Texas. Jimmy is a creative singer-songwriter, lead guitarist and one of the first performance artists to take advantage of and develop live looping. 

Kent wants to strike a nerve. “I want the CD to provoke people into re-examining the constant pro-interventionist war propaganda that we are inundated with.  We do not need to keep starting wars all over the world.  We are not starting those wars for humanitarian reasons. It is our responsibility as citizens to think and question the call to war, and to examine the history and dynamics behind wars.  We ask our soldiers to act with courage – it is our job to think with courage before putting them in harm’s way.  I want the album to reach and touch as many people as possible and contribute to a resistance to the next ginned up military intervention.  The best way to support our sons and daughters in the military is to never go to war unless absolutely necessary.”

 With all his songs, Kent wants listeners to take away a wonder for life.  With this album in particular, Kent wants the take-away to be a reverence for life and a reluctance to throw life away without a solid and just defensive cause. 

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Mongers of War Mongers of War copyright Kent Scheffler. Produced and engineered by Jimmy George at The Roost Studios, Austin, Texas. Mastered by Jerry Tubbs at Terra Nova, Austin, Texas. Video by Kent Scheffler. Graphic design for logos by Ben Scheffler.
Title track song from Anti-war album by Kent Scheffler. Song, video and lyrics by Kent Scheffler, audio engineering and production by Jimmy George at the Roost Studios, mastered by Jerry Tubbs at Terra Nova, Austin, Texas. Header & album graphic design by Ben Scheffler.