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Kev Bev releases their second studio album, Love Lemonade, with a party at Threadgill’s World Headquarters featuring performances by Kev Bev, Cilantro Boombox and DJ Felix Pacheco on Saturday, August 11, 2018

“The Kev Bev sound is one that is unforgettable, charming, and contagious…. The sound is tight, the energy is authentic, and the true love for their craft is radiated continuously… This all rides together in on a funk/bluesy wave with subtle undertones of indie rock flare and delicate, electronic sound seduction”  

- Cierra Schepp, On Vinyl

“Kev Bev… believe(s) that dance music – any dance music – shouldn’t be inhibited, which is why they embrace leaping from genre to genre to get people on their feet.”

- Laurie Gallardo, KUTX

“Kev Bev is here to turn this mother out with their big funk jams.”  

-The Deli

“I can’t tell if Kev Bev is a band or just the raddest 1983 Saturday morning cartoon you could ever imagine..”

-Johnny Goudie, How Did I Get Here

“Their eccentric presence combined with their funky sounds make for the perfect way to kick off the weekend! Get your dancing shoes on because these tunes will make you groove.”  

- St. Elmo Brewing

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Kev Bev (formerly Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures) are a 9-piece, eclectic group of musicians. The nonuplet led by Kevin Collins (bass/vocals) hails from all areas of the United States, as well as Bosnia and Mexico. The group includes Candy Collins (vocals, percussion, and synth), Beth Walker-Fowler (keys and vocals), Adrian Oviedo (drums), Phil Plata (drums), Kevin Clark (percussion), Neri Osmanovic (guitar), Whitney Doyle (trombone and bass), and Joshua Thomson (saxophone), as well as several dancers. They all met in Austin, and are proud to call the city their home and their muse. Kev Bev’s music spans many styles, and belongs to many different genres. They write what you might describe as indie R&B songs that are heavily influenced by funk, soul, afrobeat, and hip hop. Kev Bev’s material is a melting pot of upbeat songs about real life, love, friendship, and occasionally celebrating your sexuality. The songs are all fun and super easy to dance to. Kev Bev will be releasing their second studio album, Love Lemonade on Saturday, August 11 at Threadgill’s. The new album touches on issues ranging from gentrification to the struggles of being a broke musician.The group aspires to help listeners celebrate life a little. “We want our music to help give their day a little boost and bring them to a different place, while talking about issues that are familiar to everyone.” The music is special, because it really speaks to everyone, a great quality for a party or festival band.

Love Lemonade was recorded and produced by, Nigel Clark of Root Recording & Productions in Austin. “Nigel has the patience of a saint, the talent of a legend, and we hope to work with him on our next album as well.” The band invited guest musicians to the studio, including Cameron Blew aka #kissmytrish of Trish and the Yearwoods, who’s featured on “Uninhibited.” They also had several former bandmates in the studio on this album, including Kai Chow Lau, Garrett Seesing and Gavin Gayden. Kev Bev wants Love Lemonade to show that they’ve grown quite a bit from their first album, Domesticated. “Not only have we shortened our name to Kev Bev and dropped the animal flare, but we’ve really tightened up our musicianship and are writing much more intricate arrangements. We want this album to say ‘boom!’ we’re here and we’re ready to be a major player in the Austin music scene.” They hope that their listeners take away happiness, and a little bit of shake and shimmy in their booties from their eclectic, dancey tunes.

Most members of Kev Bev come from musical backgrounds. Kevin’s grandfather was the leader of a Big Band in the 1950’s, so it comes as no surprise that Kevin also wanted to lead a band with a sizable group of individuals. Kevin’s father also leads a band, Sean Collins and the Back Beats. Beth’s mother is a singer, and her dad is a composer, arranger, producer, and music director in Nashville where he worked closely with many of the greats. He was the music director at the Grand Ole Opry of the Johnny Cash Show. 

The name Kev Bev came from a lady named Beverly. A teenaged Kevin, his two brothers and a handful of friends were excited for a Saturday afternoon at the Collins family house. Beverly, the mother of one of the kids, dropped her son off to play for the day. Bev came back around lunch time, let herself in the front door, and walked right to the refrigerator to make a sandwich and then walked right back out the door. The teens were more impressed. They had witnessed a truly bold move and would soon attempt similar adventures as Beverly. The name became a noun, adjective and verb! “Beving” had become a philosophy that involved sharing, bartering, and trading. They quickly realized that you had to give something back and not just mooch. Beving was not sustainable unless you took the trash out or did the dishes.  Kevin and friends even got Bev tattoos and continue to spread the way of the Bev to this day. The nickname Kev Bev stuck and followed Kevin into the music world.

Kev Bev finds inspiration from the talent in Austin as well as from the people they meet and the places they go. Other heroes and inspirations include those who weren’t afraid to start following their dreams later in life.This includes the late Charles Bradley and Anthony Bourdain, as well Willie Nelson, who never gave up until he was on the exact adventure he wanted to be on. With an eclectic band coming from all walks of life, it’s no surprise that their inspirations are also varied including: Sly and the Family Stone, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Fleetwood Mac, and Parliament Funkadelic to LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire. They live by the mantra, “do what makes you happy, and makes others happy. Music helps connect and uplift. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t bring happiness to the world.”

When they’re not making music, the members of Kev Bev like to catch up with friends, and nurture other hobbies “like blogging, gardening, yoga, biking, photography, and visiting local breweries.”

Kev Bev will be celebrating the release of Love Lemonade on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at Threadgill’s World Headquarters and will be heading out on their second European tour for three weeks shortly thereafter.

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Photo by Kate Rousset
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