Kev bev

Photo by Kate Rousset

Kev Bev

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Kev Bev (formerly Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures) are a 9-piece, eclectic group of musicians. The nonuplet led by Kevin Collins (bass/vocals) hails from all areas of the United States, as well as Bosnia and Mexico. The group includes Candy Collins (vocals, percussion, and synth), Beth Walker-Fowler (keys and vocals), Adrian Oviedo (drums), Phil Plata (drums), Kevin Clark (percussion), Neri Osmanovic (guitar), Whitney Doyle (trombone and bass), and Joshua Thomson (saxophone), as well as several dancers. They all met in Austin, and are proud to call the city their home and their muse. Kev Bev’s music spans many styles, and belongs to many different genres. They write what you might describe as indie R&B songs that are heavily influenced by funk, soul, afrobeat, and hip hop. Kev Bev’s material is a melting pot of upbeat songs about real life, love, friendship, and occasionally celebrating your sexuality. The songs are all fun and super easy to dance to.

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