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Photo by Todd V. Wolfson
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Larry Seaman

“One of Austin’s most talented songwriters.” 

–Peter Blackstock, Austin American-Statesman

“The years have given his music a rich patina, imbuing it with grace and truth while keeping the edge and quirk ever present.”

 –Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle

“Retaining aural edginess, a one-time rebel matures –singing with sweet clarity about small and beautiful things with Hemingway succinctness.” 

–Kim Longacre, musician

Larry Seaman is an Austin based singer-songwriter, guitarist and assemblage artist. He is the founder of Standing Waves, a seminal force in Austin’s punk/new wave scene at Raul’s, Duke’s, Club Foot, and the Armadillo World Headquarters. His musical style is guitar-driven, melodic rock that is a product of Austin and Texas. It’s American music, with obvious British and New York influences, and ranges from psychedelic rock to gentle ballads to catchy pop songs. Larry performed a single release show, featuring “Gravedigger,” at the One-2-One Bar, on Thursday, August 22, 2019. He is releasing his new album, Resurrectionist, on Friday, October 18, 2019 and will celebrate the release with a show on, Sunday, October 20, 2019, at the Saxon Pub. He will also be showing his assemblages at a pop-up art show at the Davis Gallery, on Saturday, October 12, 2019, and performing songs off of the new album.

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Photo by Reagan Ashley
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Resurrectionist was recorded at Ron Flynt’s Jumping Dog Studio, and was co-produced by Larry and Ron. Musicians on the album include: Ron (organ, piano, synthesizer, harmonium, and bass), Walt Wilkins (vocals) and Mystiqueros Ray Rodriguez (drums), Bill Small (bass & vocals), Corby Schaub (guitar), as well as Lisa Gamache (vocals), Jon Sanchez (guitar on “Gravedigger”), Eve Monses (guitar on “Strings Attached”), Dana Myzer (drums on “Miss Universe”), Whit Williams (guitar on “Miss Universe”), and Julie Carter (cello on “Things Shouldn’t Be This Way.”) The album title came about after a conversation that Larry had at an art show at YardDog Gallery, which included Jon Dee Graham and Jesse Sublett. The art show Birds, Bears, and Bones featured their paintings and Larry’s assemblages. Larry said, “I learned the word resurrectionist from my friend Jesse. Discussing my use of objects from the past, particularly bones, he told me that in the days before medical research on cadavers was approved (legal), medical scientists acquired them through whatever means necessary; that is, graverobbers.They were called resurrectionists.”

Larry grew up in Abilene, and the biggest influences were radio, church, the West Texas Fair, and family that loved music. His younger uncles played in bands in the sixties, covering the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Animals. “They’d set-up in the living room when we’d visit them in Sherman. My grandfather would pound on the mantle and yell “Beat it out!” while my sister was coerced into dancing along in her white go-go boots. That was big for me, seeing people I knew playing, rocking out. I realized, “I could do that.”

CD art by Larry Seaman Click  here  to download hi-res copy

CD art by Larry Seaman
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When Larry was 13, his family moved to Austin and he began to explore art, music, and poetry. He studied English, Art, and Philosophy at Texas State University. Seaman dropped out after forming Standing Waves. The Waves released a few records, toured, opened for Blondie, U2, Psychedelic Furs, and the Pretenders, and eventually moved to New York City. Seaman returned to Austin in the late '80s, completing his degree in English, then teaching for 10 years. During that time, he began making assemblages, explorations into the spirit of things. His work has been featured at Davis Gallery and YardDog (Austin,) on the East Austin Studio Tour, and at Luanem (Albuquerque.) He continues to write, perform, and explore.

Larry is inspired by “nature and the realm of the senses, music, art, books, film, science, the Surrealists and the Beats, Love and Death. I appreciate curiosity, profound insight, and a clever turn of phrase.” Some of his favorite writers and musicians include George Saunders,  Russell Banks, William Gibson, and Raymond Chandler; The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Neil Young, Radiohead, David Bowie, Brian Eno, XTC, and 70s New York new wave/punk rock. 

Larry will kick off the release of Resurrectionist with a single release show for “Gravedigger.” on Thursday, August 22, 2019, at the One-2-One Bar at 6:00 pm.

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