Steve Power

“You write good songs. I mean really good songs.”

– Billy Joe Shaver

"... Power's colourful life oozes from all the songs, where his Tom Russell type delivery meets Willie Nelson with a touch Waylon.
It's all good stuff.... he manages to combine straight ahead rock with some excellent ballads."

- Americana UK 

",, a very unique artist with a unique musical approach.. " "a fascinating way to discover sounds of American music .. "  "..such a musical approach is really essential..." 

-Mike Pennard, ISA Radio, France

“See and hear Steve Power every chance you get. One of my favorite singers in Austin!!! POWER LINES--Excellent Recording!”

– Earl Poole Ball

Austin based singer-songwriter, Steve Power is an established, and versatile musical presence. With nimble hands he performs as a solo acoustic artist and with a six piece band which consists of some of the most respected players in Austin including, Pete "The Beat" Langhans (Drums), David Carroll (Upright Bass), Kris Brown (Guitar/Dobro), Haydn Vitera (Violin), Ron D'Argenio (Keyboards) and Joanna Ramirez (Backing vocals). Steve has had decades of continuous musical success playing live shows, releasing three albums, as well as two EPs. Steve released his new album Power Lines in November 2018.

Steve was born in California where he found his niche for music. As a young child he would perform duets with his mom at a San Diego piano bar. He eventually planted himself in the UK on Christmas Eve of 1976. He lived there for many years before moving to Holland and then settling in Austin for good. While living in Holland he conceived a Blues Brothers homage act, Cotton & Morganfield, that played major stages, festivals and events across Europe. The act was endorsed by Elwood Blues (aka Dan Akroyd) himself.

Power has teamed up with Austin’s Motorcycle Missions through his song, “The Cowboy Way,” featured on Power Lines. A portion of sales of both the single and the album will be donated directly to Motorcycle Missions, an Austin volunteer organization helping first responders and vets dealing with PTSD and suicidal ideation to find hope and healing through motorcycles. “The Cowboy Way” is Power’s homage to the old school values embodied in the Western heroes of his youth and the “…real heroes still with us today.”

Power Lines was recorded at two different studios in Austin. The bass, drums, and Earl Poole Ball’s piano were recorded at Cedar Creek Recording by engineer, Andrew Hernandez. Cedar Creek is a historic studio with a lengthy catalog of great records. “It’s one of the world’s great studios, so that’s where we went for the rhythm tracks.” Everything thing else on Power Lines, including mixing and producing was done at A.M.P Music which is owned by producer, Ron D’Argenio. "Ron was a brilliant producer. I really can’t say enough. His technical ability and knowledge are Grand Canyon deep, but it’s the way he handles people that is even more impressive. He took so much weight off of my shoulders and allowed me to simply be the artist.”

The players on the CD include, Redd Volkaert (guitar), the Mississippi gentleman Earl Poole Ball (piano), Warren Hood (fiddle), Hayden Vitera (violins), Chris Crepps (upright bass, w/Dale Watson’s band), Dale Myer (acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin), Michael Cross (backing vocals), Candi Sanders (backing vocals), and Joanna Ramierez (backing vocals). Power enjoys the whole process of writing and recording and really loves being in the studio. “My whole world is inside those walls. I can forget about everything, but what is happening in that moment, the ability to put the microscope on things and craft something.” The lyrics on Power Lines are about everything from the frivolous to the personal. Some of the songs are biographical in nature. “There are moments in every track. Vocal moments. Instrumental moments. Moments in the mix. Moments in the songs.” He wants people to hear and experience these songs the way he does.

Power has performed with a host of notable musicians including Texas legend, Jesse “Guitar” Taylor, his best friend in Austin for the time he was fortunate enough to have with him. Jesse is a continual inspiration to Power, even after all these years since he passed. “I sang one of my songs, “The Journey”, at his graveside that was inspired by my great-grandfather’s wish to have someone walk behind the wagon taking his body to the cemetery singing cowboy songs.  At the memorial I heard some great Jesse stories from Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Terry Allen and others that gave me some real insight into what made Jesse, Jesse. Driving back I was suddenly struck by a ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ moment. I’d just had the temerity to sing a song in front of Terry Allen, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Charlene Hancock and lord knows who else. I’m not a religious person but have my own kind of spirituality. In that moment I swear Jesse was there with me. ‘It’s alright, Steve. It was real good.’”

Power’s other inspirations include, James Morgan, former bassist with Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack, engineer, producer, and best friend for 40 years. Paul Butterfield, James Cotton, Dave Edmunds, Buddy Holly, Willie Nelson, The Who, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, and Carolyn Wonderland. Bruce Springsteen is his #1 on any level you care to name. “He is committed to rock and roll as an uplifting spiritual thing that gets your through good times and especially getting you through the bad.”

One of Power’s favorite quotes is from his mentor, James Morgan. “Live is for the moment.  Recording is forever.” A lesson Power says, “I try to bring to every show and every record.”


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