"Publicists are plentiful, but there are only a handful who bring a true passion to the profession. You can't buy soul. Jo Rae Di Menno is someone who not only loves music, she has a way of sharing it that always rings true. She really is one of a kind, and has been since the day she started."

// Bill Bentley (The Morton Report - Bentley’s Bandstand) //

"In the more than twenty years I have had the pleasure of working with Jo Rae, she has never dropped a beat, but always seems to have a bead on the artists who NEED to be heard. I am thankful that she is part of the Austin music community - in part, because her knowledge and inside scoop makes me look good. Plus, she introduced me to the late, legendary Small Face, Ronnie Lane"

// Jody Denberg, KUTX 98.9 //


"I've worked with Jo Rae on four record releases and separate individual engagements. She has always been completely pro, tailoring her approach based on the nature of the project, my vision, and the ever changing landscape of the music business.

With each new undertaking, Jo Rae has been eager to meet in person to ensure that we are fully on the same page. She has been flexible in relation to pricing and able to suggest what she feels is most appropriate within my range. I've never once felt that anything unnecessary was being offered.

Jo Rae's follow through and regular updates as to the status of a project are extremely refreshing in a business that can be at times distant and impersonal."

// Ben Mallott (musician) //

"I have worked with Jo Rae Di Menno & Hard Pressed Publicity for eons. I was a member of Ian McLagan's Bump Band (drummer) from 1994 through 2013 and managed the band for 5 years. Jo Rae was publicist the entire time and beyond, until Mac passed in December of 2014. She always went above and beyond, working every record, every SXSW & and every tour with spirit, determination and a whole lot of love. Mac got great press everywhere we went, from London to San Francisco to Detroit. When I released my own CD's, instrumental music, Dance in Red (2009) and Light Shines Through (2012), Jo Rae handled publicity & assisted me in getting really good press in Austin & beyond. Publicizing instrumental music is a challenge. Despite this, I played KUT 3 times, received great reviews in the Statesman, Chronicle & many online sites. Jo Rae handled publicity for many A is Red performances since I formed the ensemble in 2012, including sold out shows at the Cactus cafe. I highly recommend her!"

// Don Harvey (musician) //


"I'm a producer of both experiential educational events and those which explore the intersection of the arts, music, technology, science, and entertainment. Hard Pressed Publicity has worked with us on our events for almost ten years, including four SXSW official after events, a FutureMusic Summit, and more, and has consistently garnered us pre-event publicity, on-airs, TV site visits, including being twice featured in the New York Times GTT column, and the Texas Monthly, among other publications in Austin and around the region.

She's spent years developing one-on-one relationships with members of the press, music and entertainment, and radio and television personalities, and knows how to work with them given her extensive journalistic and music industry background. She simply knows (and is well loved by) *everybody* in the Austin music industry and well beyond. I recommend her highly and without reservation."

// Maggie Duval (event creator/producer) //

"Every time Jo Rae has worked on a project with me the outcome has been fantastic! In most cases the gains beat the expectation. She a has a true love for her work and it sure shows. Thanks for everything!"

//  JD Foster (Bass, Producer)  //

"I've had the opportunity to work with Hard Pressed Publicity many times and I've never been disappointed. Jo Rae has always worked tirelessly on each project we collaborated on and has a proven track record of getting results. In this day and age, anyone can find a phone number and email for a publication/outlet on the internet. Review desks are filled with bands acting as labels, but a package with the return label of Hard Pressed Publicity means the package actually gets opened in a timely manner. Jo Rae has established relationships with the contacts and that alone can get your CD not only to the top of the listening stack, but quickly into the review pending pile. Hard Press Publicity provides an invaluable service and she's the first person I call whenever I have a project that I need to let the world know about."

//  Trish Wagner (Chick Rock Publicity)  //

"Fab PR powerhouse Jo Rae Di Menno"

//  Stephen MacMillian Moser  //

"Whoever you are, whatever type of art you make, you should hire Jo Rae as your media advisor. I have found her to be all of the following: loyal, knowledgeable, friendly, aggressive, persistent, thorough, skeptical, generous. And she always has great sunglasses. JR has a well developed BS detector, so you better know your stuff. Enjoy the results."

//  Michael Blair (Noisemaker, Record Maker)  //