The Plott Hounds

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Photo by Wisch Photography
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The Plott Hounds are rock and rollers who love traditional country music, and songs coupled with real stories, combining both aspects to forge their sound. Their home base is a small town, north of Minneapolis in Anoka, Minnesota. An old blue collar river town, rich in history and music, located on the shores of both the Rum and Mississippi Rivers. Anoka, is a unique town that  nurtures the local music scene and invests in music and arts programs within a sustainable economy for artists to perform in. “We play, write, live, eat, drink and sleep on the banks of the Mississippi River. Just about every piece of traditional American music has touched this river. The River holds everything, we’re just adding a few of our songs to the water to see where they will go.”

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Photo by Hailie Holm
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The Plott Hounds played their first performance at The Terminal Bar in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota, in July 2014 and have created a stronghold throughout the Midwest capturing crowds with the blend of Southern Rock & Roll, hints of Funky Blues and paying homage to the Outlaw Country legends. They take pride in expressing their passion for songwriting and it’s call to playing music found deep in the soul. The Plott Hounds addictive energy has paved their way to join the stage with names that started off as heroes and inspirations like Cody Canada, Band of Heathens, Charlie Daniels, Jason Boland and more.

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Since inception, the band has released three studio albums - Living Free (2015) - Thirsty For Something (2016),  Lost Summer Day (2017) along with a double live album Blue Collar Hippie Music (2016). The latest album, Lost Summer Day, was recently recognized as one of the top 40 Americana albums released in 2017 from The Americana Music Show. Saving Country Music recently tabbed The Plott Hounds as one of the new bands rising with the torch in the world of Southern Rock n’ Roll.  Lost Summer Day, was co-produced by the band and Zach Hollander of The Pearl Recording Studio in Minneapolis.  The band has worked with Zach on their last two records.

The current line up helped solidify the songs and sounds that the band now calls home.  Each coming from a history in music, some going back twenty years playing together, to create the nostalgic sounds on stage.  The Plott Hounds include Noah Alexander (Atlanta, GA) Lead Vocals & Guitar, Jeff Powell (Charles City, IA) Lead Guitar, Catfish Kirk - (Champlin, MN) Lead Guitar & Vocals, Uncle Jesse - (Big Lake, MN) Bass Guitar & Vocals and Tater on Drums (Vadnais Heights, MN).

The Plott Hounds continually, burn the midnight oil playing shows that stretch across the United States and dates scheduled for a UK tour in 2018. As one, the band is more than just strings and drums but a family; whether it's jam sessions on the boat or three am breakfast detours. As they look to the upcoming year, with new music and new stages ahead, fans can rely on The Plott Hounds to deliver a show filled with powerful lyrics and heaps of raw energy.