Tyler Edwards

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Photo by Will Foster
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Photo by Will Foster
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"We are honored to have Tyler using Eastman guitars. The rich, full-bodied tones of our guitars pair perfectly with the deep songwriting and warm production of his record."

"I've been fortunate enough to work with Tyler since he arrived in Seattle and began playing live. Not only is he one of the most hard working, dedicated, and driven people I know but he is also a genuinely nice guy. I've seen him grow from playing 40-50 people shows to nearly selling out Neumos, a 650 capacity venue. I have the utmost confidence that he will continue to thrive in this industry and impact people in a positive way.

Evan Johnson (Talent Buyer), Neumos, Barboza

"If you like singer songwriters that we feature around here like David Ramirez and Noah Gundersen, you really need to check out this Tyler Edwards fella. He’s absolutely the real deal. He can write some incredible REAL music. “Hazy Goodbye” hits about as hard as a modern country song can hit. I love that it’s not just a bro country style of track, though, instead coming with a Dustin Kensrue-style authenticity. The rhythm gets your boots rocking, but the track overall slows to a waltz time that makes you squint your eyes with that “ohhh yeah” face.”

Ear to the Ground

"A Few Good Hearts, Tyler Edwards’ first full-length album, was released in March 2017. Through his lyrics and rich guitar, Edwards tells the listener all about his life, and shows his view of the world. A Few Good Hearts is a diverse album, and while each song showcases his gentle southern style, his versatility is a prominent feature on this album.”

Caroline LaMotta, Jupiter Index

Currently living in Seattle, Washington, but originally from Florence, South Carolina, Tyler Edwards is a singer-songwriter who was strongly influenced by his southern upbringing. On his new LP A Few Good Hearts that influence shines through because according to him, "there will always be a southern accent in everything I do." Tyler's writing style is similar to an alchemist; instead of transforming metal into gold, he transforms sounds and words into songs. When he writes songs, he strives to create something that can live in both quiet and loud spaces, blending the line of folk, rock, and country. With lyrics as a focal point, the music moves in and around the words to paint a verbal and sonic imagery that tells a unique story about love, life, questions and observations. He has been influenced by artists and literary minds such as; Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, Gregory Alan Isakov, Jackson Browne, The National, Rumi, and C.S. Lewis.

Tyler's unique way of seeing the world was shaped by the environment and community he grew up in. His parents were big influences on his developing musical taste and despite not being musical, they endowed their son with their love of music and their great taste in songwriters. Tyler started playing music in high school when he realized that baseball wasn't his calling. He states, "the decision to quit baseball was completely inspired and guided by faith. I had a very personal experience and felt like God was directing me into something unexpected and unknown. I was pleasantly surprised when that turned out to be a musician. My musical journey and life has been very much guided by my faith."

Tyler's career began in 2008, writing and performing with the rock band I Anthem. After releasing two EPs and an LP, I Anthem achieved moderate success with multiple songs breaking the Top 10 on Billboard's Rock Chartsand music featured on MTV and NASCAR. In 2015, Edwards launched his solo career with a 6-song EP, Too Young for Love and moved across the country to Seattle, Washington. Since relocating to Seattle, Tyler has cultivated a strong grassroots following, building from open-mics to selling out notable venues around the city. The stark honesty and passion that make his live shows so compelling also translates into his recorded work.

A Few Good Hearts was produced and engineered by Jesse Proctor in his basement studio, Wildlife Sanctuary. "Working with Jesse was amazing. He has a great ear for rhythm and space. I love that this record sounds like me but also has his imprint as well. I grew a lot through the whole process and much of that is due to Jesse. I wanted the record to sound polished and organic and I felt the limitations and freedom of a basement would create something genuine." The band is Bill Panks (violin), Aleida Gehrels (viola), Devin Daniel (Guitar), Luke Minnich (Bass), Ben Libay (Drums) and Mike Piper (Piano).

Tyler and his band will be touring in 2017 celebrating the release of A Few Good Hearts.

Click  here  to download hi-res copy

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